Painting & Decorating

Our skilled painting crews have worked on a broad range of projects for our blue-chip clients in the Greater Dublin Area. Drawn from all over Europe, they bring a diverse range of experience and expertise to the table. We have successfully delivered projects as large as supplying 50-man crews, with the flexibility to augment this total if required. From offices, fit-outs, construction, homes in the capital, specialist finishes to commercial and industrial. Any thing to do with paint and we can service your needs.


specialise in all forms of high end decorative finishes. Our team of highly skilled painters and decorators can provide high quality finishes for your building, home, office, construction or interior design project, listed building, heritage property, office redecoration, boutique hotel and many more. Whether residential owners or commercial businesses, we have the capabilities to transform your space into something new, vibrant and tailored to your wishes.


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